Anzac Day opening hours

12:00AM 25 Apr 2024

Over the Anzac Day public holiday (Thursday 25 April 2024) some of our facilities will be closed or have reduced hours.

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Top takeaways from latest NPDC meeting

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Māori ward decision

The Strategy and Operations Committee has recommended seeking feedback from residents about establishing a Māori ward for the 2022 local body elections. Under local government rules, NPDC has to review its representation mix every six years and this includes deciding if a Māori ward should be set up. The review is set to take place in 2021 and will examine things like how many councillors there should be, the wards system and community boards. At the 9 June meeting, the Mayor and Councillors voted to recommend a Māori ward be consulted on. A final decision will be made at the Full Council meeting on 22 July.

The plastic problem

The issue of what to do with certain types of plastic is a local, national and global problem, a report to the Strategy and Operations Committee says. Only plastics 1, 2 and 5 – things like milk containers and coke bottles – can now be recycled in New Zealand and abroad following changes to the global market for recycling plastics 3, 4, 6 and 7, also known as ‘mixed plastics’. The report says the problem plastics only make up a fraction of all the recyclables collected in the green bin – about 3% - and urged residents to try to avoid buying products using plastics 3, 4, 6 and 7. The Mayor and Councillors approved a recommendation to stop collecting mixed plastics in the yellow recycling bin with the final decision to be made at the 22 July meeting.