Sealed pump track opens at Lake Mangamahoe

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Mountain bikers at Lake Mangamahoe now have the choice of hitting the trails or taking a spin on a newly sealed pump track thanks to funding from NPDC.

The track has been built by New Plymouth Mountain Bikers thanks to financial support from NPDC to the tune of $20,000 from the Agility Fund and the New Zealand Community Trust. Club chairman Hamish Neale says it’s already proving to be a big hit with cyclists of all ages.

“The pump track is a great asset for the mountain bike park. Every time I head out to the forest to ride there’s generally always kids and young families riding around it.  Thanks to NPDC’s Agility funding support, sealing the pump track will ensure this asset will be around for many years to come.”

The club is supported by NPDC with $10,000 a year in funding from the Strategic Partnerships fund while a nominal fee of just $1 is paid to lease land south of Lake Mangamahoe.  

There are more than 30km of mountain bike tracks at Lake Mangamahoe with new ones set to be made this year as well as plans for a club pavilion on Plantation Road.

For more details on the trails, head here.