Four focus areas revealed in NPDC's $3b 10-year work plan

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The battle for the ratepayer dollar has begun with our draft 10-year budget released and the spotlight on four fronts over the summer.

After early conversations with the residents, with more than 9,400 answers to our call for feedback, Mayor Neil Holdom and the Councillors will spend the summer deciding what’s in and what’s out.

The proposed 10-year work plan will target four areas: 

  • Fixing the Plumbing, 
  • Tightening our Belts, 
  • Planting our Place,
  • Paying it Forward for our kids.

If it gets the green light, it would mean a total rates rise of 12% in the first year and a 6.1% rise on average over the next nine years.

For the average urban household, that’s an increase of about 9.7% or $231 for the next financial year.

Mayor Holdom says the draft 10-year budget, worth about $3b, is about reinvesting in and clearing the backlog of water infrastructure upgrades, a problem that councils are facing around the country.
“Since the Global Financial Crisis, there has been a chronic and systematic underinvestment in these basic services that our residents expect us to look after, deliver safely and not run down.

Everyone wants safe drinking water and sewage kept in pipes, not polluting our beautiful home, and that’s why I’m proud this proposed plan sets out real steps to rebuild these critical foundations of our wonderful Lifestyle Capital,” says Mayor Holdom.

“As well as Fixing the Plumbing, we’ll be Tightening our Belts to maximise operational efficiency, given the current uncertainty of the global pandemic and looking at work programmes to Plant our Place, such as planting 34 hectares of urban forest across the District and creating a community fund for indigenous planting.  This summer I urge you to read the draft plan and let us know what you think.”

The proposed 10-year plan isn’t set in stone and will go out for public feedback before Councillors make any final decisions in about six months or so.

Our staff will be hitting the street and marae in March to get feedback.

How the battle for each ratepayer dollar will play out - some of the big projects vying for inclusion:

  • Three Water upgrades - $248m
  • Transport upgrades - $153m
  • Multi-sport hub development - $40m
  • Urenui and Ōnaero sewer system - $30m
  • Water meters - $16m
  • Walkway extension to Waitara - $26m
  • Waitara stormwater upgrade - $20m
  • Taranaki Traverse - $1m
  • Planting 34 hectares of urban forest - $2m
  • Electric vehicles for NPDC fleet - $1m
  • Te Korowai o Tane:  planting indigenous species fund - $2m