Help NPDC shape the future of our transport network

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A plan to guide how NPDC will develop our transport network over the next 30 years is open for public feedback.


The Draft Integrated Transport Framework (ITF) proposes guiding principles, initiatives and projects to prioritise and will be used to guide decision making and investment in transport across the district for decades to come.


“The Draft ITF is an important framework which will help our decision makers ensure we’re considering the bigger picture with everything that we do,” said NPDC Manager Infrastructure Projects Andrew Barron.

“It will have a real influence on how and what transport initiatives we invest in as a district.”


In the coming decades our district will grow, likely face serious weather events, as well as see shifting demands and impacts on transport. How well our transport network responds to these changes will depend on the decisions we make now.


“We’re focusing on becoming a more reliable, safe, and connected district, as well as improve public transport and provide access to other modes of transport, reducing our reliance on cars. This the framework will keep us on track with these goals.”


The Draft ITF focuses on ensuring NPDC’s transport strategy is working towards our vision to be a sustainable lifestyle capital.

It has also been informed by existing plans and policies, as well as input from transport partner agencies including Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, and Taranaki Regional Council.


People are asked to rank various transport initiatives under each of the key themes.


The final ITF will be finalised by the Mayor and Councillors later this year and used to guide decisions of transport projects through the draft 10-year Budget (2024-2034) that will be consulted on early next year.


To learn more, including details about two online feedback session sessions, and to give your feedback on the Draft Integrated Transport Framework (ITF) go to


Feedback closes on Wednesday 30 August.