Long-Term Plan 2024-2034 Financial Policies

We’re currently seeking public feedback on our Long-term Plan (LTP) 2024-2034 and at the same time we want your views on our Revenue and Financing, Rates Remission and Postponement and Development and Financial Contributions policies. Feedback close 5pm, Friday 19 April.

Revenue and Financing Policy

This policy sets out our high-level approach to how we will fund each activity. You can also find out about what our general approach for the Council's rating system including rating differentials, targeted rates and uniform annual general charges.

Rates Remission and Postponement Policies

This policy sets out when we may remit rates or defer when they are due by, on a case by case basis.

Development and Financial Contributions Policy

This policy sets out how developers will help contribute towards funding new or upgraded community facilities (network infrastructure, community infrastructure and reserves) required for growth.

You can comment on all or just the policy that is of interest to you.

Feedback closes 5pm, Friday April 19.  

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The Financial Policies Summary Information document provides a high-level overview of these policies. More detailed information is included in each policy document.

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