Survey highlights satisfaction with NPDC core services

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Core services such as rubbish and recycling collection, Puke Ariki and community libraries as well as the quality of our parks and event venues continue to hit the right note with locals according to an independent survey of New Plymouth District residents.

The 2024 New Plymouth District Council Community Survey was researched in April/May and asked a demographically representative group of New Plymouth district residents their views of the services and activities we have provided over the past 12 months. 

Among the highlights of the survey were nine services rating 85 per cent satisfaction or higher, including Puke Ariki Museum with 95 per cent satisfaction of those who had experienced the venue – up from 80 per cent, while there was a five per cent increase in respondents feeling council followed through on what it said it would do. And despite a challenging economic climate 80 per cent of respondents still felt they had a good quality of life.

Among the satisfaction ratings in the 2024 survey vs. 2023:

  • Puke Ariki museum 95 % vs 80%.
  • Puke Ariki Library 81% vs 78%.
  • community libraries 91% - the same as last year.
  • New Plymouth Airport 94% vs 86%.
  • Council did what it said it would – followed up – 66% vs 61%.
  • Quality of event venues 85% vs 89%.
  • Quality of life - 80% said it was good, compared with 86%.
  • How rates are spent 49% vs 63%.
  • Council has a good reputation 55% vs 63%.

NPDC chief executive Gareth Green says it’s pleasing to see that there is still high satisfaction in many areas, but acknowledges we have work to do in others.

“It’s always pleasing to hear how locals are satisfied with many of the services we provide. Of course, it’s a concern to see satisfaction with some of our services, our reputation and confidence how we spend their rates drop and this survey helps us identify and focus on the areas that need improvement.” says Green.

“Like the rest of the country, this period has been one of the most challenging our organisation has experienced, possibly ever, with unpredictable rising costs just to maintain what we already have, biting hard – which has had an impact on ratepayers too. So I understand the concern and we’re committed to turning it around.”

He says a big part of the organisation’s transformation is about being more efficient and improving customer service as well as reducing costs.

The survey also looks at how we compare with similar sized councils*.

  • 93% satisfied with the quality of parks and reserves (78% average benchmark *)
  • 81 % of respondents satisfied with water supply overall (59% average benchmark*)
  • 85% satisfied with the overall kerbside rubbish and recycling collection (81% average benchmark). 
  • 67% satisfaction with stormwater services– excluding flood protection. (55% average benchmark *)
  • 51% satisfied with overall quality of roads (average benchmark 39% *)

The NPDC Community Survey is conducted annually and is available, with previous reports on NPDC's website.

Fast Facts

  • * Benchmarked averages against councils in Napier, Palmerston North and Nelson where two or more had questions asked about the same services.
  • This survey is conducted by independent research company Research First.