NPDC’s annual report given green light, Fast EV Charging stations back in the work programme and a new chair for the $300 million Perpetual Investment Fund (PIF)

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Enclosed are some of the top takeaways from Tuesday’s (14 March) meeting of the New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) made by the Mayor and Councillors, after input from Community Boards and Te Huinga Taumata.


Annual report gets the green light

  • Audit New Zealand have completed the annual audit of NPDC’s Financial Statements and given them the green light.
  • The auditor gave an opinion with no findings (called an unmodified audit opinion).
  • This work programme covered 2021/2022 was set against the backdrop of Covid and global economic impacts.
  • A $3 million rating deficit was announced.
  • 79 per cent of KPI’s were meet (85 of 108), with more than half of the not achieved due to Covid and global impacts.
  • Standout performances included:
  • The first ever TSB Festival of Lights Winter pop up
  • 3000 building consents were issued
  • 224 licensed businesses in the district were inspected.
  • Animal Control Officers responded to all emergencies within the two-hour target time
  • Puke Ariki and regional libraries hosted an average on 9,600 visitors each week
  • The amount of rubbish going to landfill was down 6 per cent to 127kg per household.

EV Charging

  • The Mayor and Councillors approved an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Framework.
  • The new framework opens the way for Fast EV Charging firms to work with NPDC to find potentially new sites.
  • More Fast EV Charging stations could put our District on the map for EV travellers stimulating the local economy and help to reduce emissions.


New Chair for New Plymouth PIF Guardians

  • A new chair has been appointed to the board of the New Plymouth PIF Guardians which manages the Perpetual Investment Fund (PIF).
  • Graham Ansell will take over when current Chair Mark Butcher steps down on 30 June.
  • Mr Ansell, who has worked in financial and investment services for more than four decades, joined the PIF Guardians board in 2021.
  • The appointment ensures consistency and continued performance of the Guardians who oversee the independent management of the Fund, which was worth about $342 million at the end of February 2023
  • The PIF has helped NPDC keep its AA+ credit rating, the highest possible for local government in New Zealand from international ratings agency S&P Global, reflecting strong financial management and confidence in the future.


Read all the detail here:  full agenda for 14 March meeting.