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12:00AM 25 Apr 2024

Over the Anzac Day public holiday (Thursday 25 April 2024) some of our facilities will be closed or have reduced hours.

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Big gear for a big repair!

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Big gear for a big repair!

NPDC’s brought in some heavy equipment to fix Waiwaka Terrace’s damaged stormwater culvert.

A 1.7m drill head mounted on a 38 ton excavator has begun work on site, with the lower section of the road closed to through-traffic until early next month in central New Plymouth.

Contractors are setting up safe access to the underground culvert (water channel), where big pieces of concrete have moved over time.

NPDC plans to replace this section, and strengthen a longer section beneath the road.

“All up, we’re replacing or stabilising 60m of the culvert’s length,” says NPDC Three Waters Manager Mark Hall.

“It’s a difficult repair because of the depth of the culvert – up to 8m below ground – and there’s also a sewage pipe going through it. It’s taken a lot of planning to make sure we can fix it safely while not interrupting the stormwater or sewer. A big thank you to all neighbours for their patience and understanding.”

NPDC is investing $248 million over the next decade to ‘Fix the Plumbing’ and expects this project to be finished by the end of September. Of the estimated $6 million cost, $2.5m is coming from the Government’s Covid-response fund for shovel-ready projects.

Fast facts:

  • NPDC is investing $248 million over the next decade to Fix the Plumbing.
  • NPDC manages stormwater run-off from around 6,600ha of urban area in the district.
  • Our stormwater network includes three dams, nearly 5,000 manholes, more than 9,000 inlets and outlets, 284km of pipes, three wetlands and three diversion tunnels.
  • NPDC received $10m from the Government’s Covid response fund for shovel-ready projects, which include emptying of a lagoon at the New Plymouth Wastewater Treatment Plant and other Three Waters projects.

Caption: Big gear tackles the big job of repairing the Waiwaka Terrace culvert