Heavy rainfall causes overflows in Inglewood

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  • Prolonged heavy rainfall has caused sewage overflows from the water network in Inglewood.
  • There have been two wastewater overflows in Konini Street Inglewood.
  • One overflow has gone into a tributary of the Waiongana Stream and the second is on a private property.
  • In addition, Inglewood’s oxidation pond has overflowed into the Kurapete Stream which is a consented activity.
  • We’re sorry this has occurred and we’ve been in touch with the family and apologised to them.
  • We’re in touch with iwi and hapū, Taranaki Regional Council, the Taranaki District Health Board and other recreational users.
  • Warning signs have gone up advising people not to swim or gather kai (for 28 days) in affected areas.
  • Keep up with the latest information on the Can I Swim page on our website.
  • We are investing $248m over 10 years to fix the district’s plumbing. Part of this includes investigating and designing a long-term wastewater fix for the Konini Street area of Inglewood.
  • Meanwhile, both the Huatoki and Mangaotuku flood prevention dams are doing a great job holding back water, the Huatoki Dam was holding 8m of water while the Mangaotuku was holding 3m.