Pedestrian and cycle priority to the city centre

Being able to conveniently access the city centre from within the wider district and being able to move easily within the city are key to supporting city centre businesses, hospitality, retail, arts and culture and recreational offerings. 

To make the city centre more accessible, walking and amenity upgrades for the north-south connections that link the city centre to its suburban edges are required. Upgrades along Robe, Brougham, Currie, Liardet and Gover streets as well as off-street connections at the Huatoki are proposed. The intention is to make these connections better for all ages and abilities, residents and visitors alike, and will include aspects such as new pedestrian crossings, intersection upgrades, priority phasing for better accessibility, footpath upgrades and under-road links at the Huatoki (see Key Move 1 - Restoring the Huatoki). 

Impact compass

Pedestrian and Cycle priority

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Working together

  • Ngāti Te Whiti
  • Adjacent businesses, landowners and developers
  • Waka Kotahi, etc

Next steps

Step 1

Identify quick-win intersection upgrades on the one-way systems such as multi-way crossings ie Barnes Dances and light phasing to prioritise pedestrian crossings in the very short term.  

Step 2

Make intersection upgrades permanent in line with removal of State Highway 44 (north of Morley Street intersection) as the port route.