Thousands of people give feedback on long-term home of racing in New Plymouth

Local News

More than 2,850 people gave their feedback on the future of the Pukekura Raceway and what kind of lease options should be considered for the 38-hectare central New Plymouth site.

Taranaki Racing Incorporated has asked NPDC for a ‘forever’ or perpetual lease for the site and the current lease arrangements are uncertain because of historic and complex reasons. 

To help inform their decision making, the Mayor and Councillors voted last year to go out to the public to get their views on the various lease options. 

Some 2,887 people took part in the public survey, from late June to 10 July. It found:

  • 51% of respondents wanted to end the lease.
  • 25% wanted to create a ‘forever’ or perpetual lease.
  • 15% opted for a 3-5 year lease.
  • 9% favoured a lease of up to 30 years.

The next step will involve the Mayor and Councillors analysing the results of this survey and the Government’s racing reforms in the coming months.