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Poet’s Bridge and Boat Shed Bridge

Both of these iconic bridges in Pukekura Park will be closed to the public while scheduled maintenance takes place.

NPDC inspects all of Pukekura Park’s bridges every year to make sure they’re in good condition. The last inspection identified that structural repairs to steelwork and timber repairs to handrails, corrosion protection and a full repaint are required for Poet’s Bridge.

Poet’s Bridge is 85 years old and this work will help make sure it’s still around for future generations to enjoy.

The original Poet’s Bridge opened in March 1884, following a win on The Poet at the Auckland Races by James T. Davis, whose donated winnings funded the bridge’s construction.

The bridge was replaced in 1938 with the structure that stands today, which has a similar design to the original and was painted a red inspired by the famous red-lacquered Shinkyo Bridge at Nikko, Japan.

Bridge closures

Poet’s Bridge: from Monday 20 March to Thursday 11 May.

Boat Shed Bridge: from Friday 12 May to Thursday 18 May.