NPDC’s zero waste hub getting permanent home

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A new, permanent building is coming for NPDC’s The Junction – Zero Waste Hub. 


Based in Colson Road, The Junction has become a favourite for shoppers looking for pre-loved bargains or to drop off unwanted items to be upcycled.


Over the past three years demand for pre-loved items has continued to grow and the Junction has helped to divert more than 440 tonnes of waste from landfill, seen just over 78,000 visitors and drop offs to the shop and had more than 5,500 people attending workshops or tours.


The current tent-covered structure will be replaced with a building three times the size with flexibility to expand as the reuse economy grows, says NPDC Manager Resource Recovery Kimberley Hope of the $3.2 million project.


“We’ll have more room for events and workshops, upcycling and sales and to develop a community of sellers, buyers and educators.”


Zero Waste is at the core of the design and construction with more timber and less steel than usual for a building this size as well as lightweight materials that require less structural concrete.


It will also feature sustainable building materials such as SaveBoard – a product made of items recycled through The Junction. Concrete and the tent from the current building are also being reused.

Work is underway preparing the temporary site and in late August The Junction will be closed for two weeks so it can relocate to the temporary site, although the drop-off bays and recycling bins will remain open.


Construction of the new building will start in spring and will take about a year to finish.


Fast facts:

  • The Junction opened in January 2020 as a key part of NPDC’s work towards establishing a Zero Waste District.
  • Since its opening there has been an ongoing growth in sales, visitors, and drop-off of materials, with more than 10,000 people visiting the Junction in the first quarter of 2023.

Caption:  Artist impression of the new permanent building on the way for The Junction - Zero Waste Hub.