Tide goes out at Pukekura Park

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Tide goes out at Pukekura Park

NPDC has lowered the water levels of Pukekura Park’s lake-system to upgrade the Fountain Lake’s dam.

The project on the lake’s north side involves reinforcing the outlet stream with rip-rap (boulder walls) and installing a fish passage.

“Over the years the running water has scoured out some of the soil and a fallen tree has left a bit of a hole,” says NPDC Pukekura Park Lead Kristian Davies.

“This work will strengthen the dam and the outlet so that we still have a Fountain Lake for years to come.”

Some vegetation has been cleared out to enable workers to get into the site. Kristian says it will be replanted with palms, king ferns and exotic plant species to enhance the adjacent Palm Lawn.

While the lakes are low, minor maintenance work is also taking place at the outlet stream from the Main Lake. Park staff will take the opportunity to weed the lakes’ edges and remove any rubbish.

Walkers around the park are asked for safety reasons, to follow the track closure signs at the Fountain Lake and keep out of the work area.

Fast Facts:

  • Pukekura Park is New Zealand’s leading botanical garden in the heart of city enjoyed by thousands of locals and visitors each year.
  • The Park has won the coveted Green Flag nine years in a row, an international mark of the world’s best parks.
  • The Park encompasses 52ha of bush, walkways, lakes and open spaces.
  • NPDC manages 1,600 hectares of park and reserve land including Pukekura Park.
  • Pukekura Park will turn 150 years old in 2026.