Wet wipe reminder after overflow in Pukekura Park

Local News Public Notice

Wet wipes blocking a pipe in Pukekura Park have caused a small sewage overflow today.

It’s suspected the wet wipes got into the network after last weekend’s L.A.B. concert at the Bowl of Brooklands.

We’re sorry this has happened and we’ve been in touch with regulators at the TRC and TDHB as well as iwi, hapū and other affected groups.

We have cleaned up the site and put up precautionary warning signs in the park to keep people safe.

It’s a timely reminder to flush only the 3 Ps: pee, poo and paper, whether you’re at home or out and about.

Other items – such as wet-wipes, tampons, nappies and rags – go in the red landfill bin.

More information can be found here: Think before you flush.