Be a Zero Waste Hero with NPDC Funding

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Be a Zero Waste Hero with NPDC Funding

Three young men have put a NPDC Zero Waste Fund grant to good use by to learning how to make compost properly.

Now KAItiaki Composting picks up food waste from four local businesses to turn into compost at the Marfell Community Garden.

“The businesses love it,” says Simon Cayley, CEO of the Bishop’s Action Foundation, which works with Zeal on delivering KAItiaki Composting. “They’re really finding it simple and easy. They’ve each got a bin to chuck all their food waste into and they know that on Thursday mornings the bin is going to be collected.

“NPDC’s Zero Waste grant has helped the team contribute to the environment – they feel that they’re making a real difference with this sustainable enterprise.”

Applications are now open for the latest round of the NPDC Zero Waste Fund, closing on 1 October.

Simon says KAItiaki Composting is still in its pilot phase, and they’re working on what would be needed to scale-up the operation so that more businesses with food scraps can take part.

Currently, KAItiaki Composting collects about 150 litres of food waste every week – although diverting this resource from the landfill is only one benefit from the project.

“It’s shown the team that they can create something valuable. They don’t have to wait for someone else to give them a career path: they can be taken seriously and use their own ideas to create a career for themselves,” says Simon.

About the NPDC Zero Waste Fund

Individuals, groups or organisations from across the district can apply for any new project, infrastructure or other initiative that helps reduce waste in our community.

Each year the fund gives out up to $100,000 over two rounds.

“People can apply for funding for anything from recycling bins in a workplace to delivering an educational programme that encourages new waste minimisation habits – it’s definitely worth checking out the application form to see if your Zero Waste idea meets our criteria,” says NPDC Resource Recovery Manager Kimberley Hope.

Go to for details and how to apply.

Fast facts:

  • NPDC’s Zero Waste initiative has the ambitious goal of no waste from New Plymouth District residents and businesses going to landfill by 2040
  • Zero Waste topped the Top 10 Focus Areas survey in 2017 as the most popular idea with residents.
  • In 2021/22, New Plymouth District diverted 12,157 tonnes of waste away from the landfill.


Photo caption: Kanye (left), Te Ringa and Caesar are helping local businesses turn their food waste into rich compost through KAItiaki Composting.