$11 million water pipe project a winner for Inglewood

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NPDC’s multi-million-dollar upgrade of Inglewood’s water pipes is three-quarters complete and already the results are clear to see.  Just one Inglewood resident has complained about discoloured water which is still safe to drink, coming through their taps this year, compared with 12 last year and 53 the year before.

“So far we’ve replaced about 10.7km of the 12.5km of pipes we planned to replace, and the results are looking great.  We expect Inglewood’s water to keep improving as we keep laying new pipes and we thank locals for their patience as we continue the installation of the new pipes,” says NPDC Group Manager Planning and Infrastructure David Langford.

Inglewood’s water problem was caused by the build-up of naturally occurring minerals mainly in pipes that were older, in some cases decades old and made of materials no longer used or that were too big. The new pipes are made of PVC – a type of plastic that is strong and durable, and is common across New Zealand. 

The pipe replacement project, costing about $11 million, began in October 2018 and is due to finish around mid-2022. The last stage will be resealing the roads where new pipes have been laid, including Windsor Road where a new pipe connects the town to its reservoir.

NPDC looks after more than 800km of water pipes throughout the district, some of them more than 110 years old.  Councillors have agreed to invest about $248 million in upgrading our aging drinking water, sewerage and stormwater networks as one of the initiatives to Fix the Plumbing in the 10-Year Plan.