Getting Back On Our Feet starts at the grassroots

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NPDC has put together a $453,000 lifeline for grassroots groups that will help get our District through the Covid-19 storm and back on its feet.  

Councillors on Wednesday (17 June) topped up the community funding pot for the 2020/21 financial year to bring it to a total of $760,000.

The funding will be open to groups delivering essential services which:

  • saw a spike in demand or costs during the Covid-19 response;
  • or will help our District recover after lockdown;
  • or are struggling to survive amid the Covid-19 response.

While most of us stayed in our bubble during the lockdown, many of our vulnerable people found themselves exposed.  Without friends or family to rely on or left behind in the Internet era, the elderly and those in poor health found a helping hand in Volunteering New Plymouth which receives NPDC funding.  They organised Police-checked volunteers to assist in their Covid-19 work to help the needy and bridge the lockdown gaps.

“A huge amount of our work was just buying groceries for people who couldn’t get out themselves and they had nobody to call on,” said Volunteering New Plymouth Manager Marie Riordan.

“COVID-19 has changed our world in so many ways and not-for-profit services, such as Taranaki Computer Access Centre Trust’s tutoring on digital devices and the internet, will need to adapt.”

With National Volunteer Week next week highlighting the benefit of working together, it’s important to remember that grassroots groups like Volunteering New Plymouth are the cornerstone of our community and are vital to our recovery, says Mayor Neil Holdom.  

“Many of our households and businesses are having a tough time coming through the Covid-19 economic storm and our grassroots groups can make the difference between sinking or swimming. But they need help too and this NPDC funding top up worth nearly half a million dollars will help them get back on their feet.”

The funding will be issued in two rounds with the applications for the first round closing on 9 July.

Click here for more details or call the Community Partnerships Team on 06 759 6060.