Inglewood multi-million dollar water project continues

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The $8 million dollar project to improve Inglewood’s drinking water is back in full swing following the Covid-19 lockdown using local contractors Downer.

The next phase of the three-year upgrade of Inglewood’s water network is about to get under way with the installation of two modern flow meters at each of the town’s two reservoirs at the Inglewood Water Treatment Plant. These will replace the existing, aged single flow meter at these sites and help better manage the town’s water supply.

“A huge thank you to the people of Inglewood for their patience as we continue work on this $8 million project to help reduce the likelihood of discoloured water coming out of people’s taps every now and then. So far more than 8 kilometres of pipes have been replaced and when we’re finished, we’ll have replaced nearly half the town’s water pipes, some 13 kilometres worth,” says NPDC Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

The project began in late 2018 and is part of an additional $44 million improvement to the district’s water networks. This phase will take place during the second half of July and into August, and there is the chance it might cause short-term instances of discoloured water. Everything possible will be done to minimise this disruption and we apologise if we cause any inconvenience.

Over the next few months the new water main pipes between the town and the water reservoirs will be connected, and the project will move onto replacing pipes in the northern part of Inglewood with the whole project due to be completed, subject to weather and logistics, at the end of next year.

NPDC looks after more than 800km of water pipes throughout the district; they range in age from new to more than 110 years old.