Car crash causes Bell Block sewage overflow

Local News
  • A car crash on State Highway 3 caused a power cut at our Bell Block sewage pump station last night.
  • This led to a discharge of sewage into the Mangati Stream and Tasman Sea for about 40-50 minutes.
  • A back-up generator was used to get the station back up and running and it is working like normal again.
  • We apologise to anyone who has been affected and have been in touch with iwi and hapu, the regulators at the TRC and TDHB, and other recreational users.
  • Warning signs have been put up advising people not to swim or gather kai from Bell Block Beach.
  • Please follow the warning signs and do not collect kai from affected waterways for 28 days and don’t swim or let your dog into the water until advised otherwise.
  • Keep an eye on our Can I Swim water quality page for updates.
  • We’re currently getting feedback on a plan to invest $248 million in our aging water network in our next 10-Year Plan.