Campaigner Millie, 11, delighted as new speed limit signs go up

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Millie Stonier’s smile says it all.

The 11-year-old was on hand recently to see NPDC contractors install new speed limit signs in Omata after her successful campaign to improve safety on Waireka Road East.

Millie took her campaign to NPDC in September when she asked the Mayor and Councillors at a Council committee to cut the speed limit from 80kmh to 40kmh. She was applauded for her efforts and a Full Council meeting in October gave her request the green light.

Millie says she was delighted to see the 80kmh signs being taken down and replaced by new signs. “It means a lot to me because otherwise people speed along the road and don’t know that it’s a blind corner. I’m really happy with the new signs which I hope will make the roads safer.”

NPDC Group Manager Planning and Infrastructure David Langford says Millie’s efforts are a great example of how hard work and dedication can help make a difference to a community.

“Millie’s done a fantastic job in highlighting her concerns about the speed limit in Omata. To stand up at a council meeting was brave for an 11-year-old but she put forward a great argument and we’ve been able to get that approved and sorted just a couple of months later,” says Mr Langford.

NPDC is currently seeking feedback from the public about reducing speeds on rural roads as part of its wider review of safety on the district’s roads. Changes could see all rural roads (not state highways) reduced to 80kmh and all roads outside rural schools cut to 60kmh.