Unite Taranaki

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It’s time to show we’re all on the same team and that Taranaki means business! 

To show not only our neighbours but the rest of New Zealand and right around the world how our province pulls together to fight a global pandemic and cope with a nationwide lockdown.
It’s time to take that Taranaki spirit and focus it sharply, to pull everyone together to smash a common enemy.

We all need to be on the same team but how do we show a United Taranaki spirit when we’re in lockdown and confined to our homes?  How we can pull together all the towns and suburbs around our mounga?

We’ve been thinking it through and now we need your help.  

We’ve come up with four ideas we think will help our people band together and show solidarity, easy things we can do from our homes, whether we’re in Opunake or Patea, or Stratford or Waitara, things that will show everyone we are together as one to fight and beat Covid-19.

We’d like you to help us choose, to make sure it’s something we’re all in behind, from the get go. So make sure you vote, or if you’ve got a better suggestion, we’re all ears. 

Bring some Cheer by decking out our homes with Xmas fairy lights.

Let’s give our streets a bit of sparkle! Dust off the Christmas lights and bring them out 9 months early! They’ll puts smiles on the faces of your kids, neighbours and make the time spent at home gleam just a little.

Brighten up our driveways with chalk art.

Those walks around the block are hard to escape! How about we help brighten up our driveways with a bit of creativity and lay down some artwork of support to keep us strong. An instant message when people are walking about in your neighbourhood.

Show Fighting Spirit with Amber & Black letter boxes.

There are few things more Taranaki than the amber and black colours, and it would be a fitting symbol of our fighting spirit. Imagine if we all decked out our letterboxes yellow and black, the symbol of Taranaki showing the world we’re together to fight Covid-19.

Show gratitude with Thank You signs for essential workers on our fences and gates.

They’re our parents, our children, our siblings, and our friends, and they’re still out there in the forefront of the battle ensuring our community’s most essential services still function. They deserve our humble thanks and wouldn’t it be nice for them to be reminded of our gratitude whenever they’re out on the streets?

We all need to be safe, stay home, and say lives but in the weeks and months ahead we’re going to need some Taranaki spirit to help us through it.  

A symbol of us that shows the world we’re up for this fight and we’ve got it. 

Voting closes 12pm Monday 6 April and we will announce Taranaki's chosen idea on Tuesday 7 April.

What will it be? 

Unite Taranaki.