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Maramataka is the Māori lunar calendar, which includes a variety of important references including environmental and ecological information. We intend to build a physical representation of the maramataka in the stage three area of the extension.  The maramataka will create a space for learning and knowledge about the seasons and kai gathering.

Matairangi /lookout

The small hill next to New Plymouth Airport’s car park will be redesigned to give an elevated outlook of Puketapu Pā, the surrounding land, vistas of the coast, and the airport.

Slow and fast paths

We’re providing different experiences for users by splitting the shared path where it passes through the Waitara Beach area.

For those who want to move slowly, to pause and notice nature, a pedestrian-only winding path will be provided. The community will be able to experience the restored and existing coastal dune environment, which will feature different materials such as a boardwalk.

Sites and areas of significance to tangata whenua along the path’s route include Puketapu Pā, Ngarahau Pā, Pukemarohia Pā and Puata Pā, as well as the awa of the Mangaoraka, Waiongana, Waitaha, Waitara and their tributaries.

Revegetation planting and rest areas

A revegetation programme will see the return of coastal plants that used to feature in the landscape, with an estimated 96,000 plants proposed to restore the land, rivers and wetlands. We hope by restoring the environment, native birds will be encouraged back. We will also look for locations to encourage birds to roost.

Rest areas will encourage people to take time out to enjoy the views.

Waitara Marine Park aerial photo October 2021.

Stage one of construction will begin at Otupaiia/Marine Park in Waitara.