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Hapū/NPDC partnership

Tangata whenua and NPDC have worked in partnership to develop the pathway’s design. For Manukorihi Hapū, Otaraua Hapū, Pukerangiora Hapū, and Puketapu Hapū, the extension is much more than a physical path.

The project represents the coming together of mana whenua and NPDC to co-develop the future as Treaty partners. It is a gift of storytelling that reaffirms the place of tangata whenua within their ancestral whenua and elevates their unique stories and heritage for present and future generations. It is an invitation to the wider community to learn more about our diverse cultural and environmental heritage that makes North Taranaki unique.

The pathway will traverse a number of significant sites, which include ancestral homes, pā sites, spaces to wānanga (learn and discuss) and urupā (burial grounds), in a manner that assures their protection.

Waitara Boardwalk September 2021.

The Tuna Boardwalk in Waitara links Otupaiia/Marine Park to the town's CBD.

The planning process

In July 2015, NPDC approved the extension of the Coastal Walkway to Waitara through the 2015-2025 10-Year Plan. The project was reconsidered and approved during the 2018-2028 and 2021-2031 10-Year Plans as well, including a 2017 survey that showed 86% of the public support extending the shared pathway to Waitara.

A hapū/NPDC project group was established in 2019 to co-design the pathway and, later, make decisions that would lower the cost while retaining the crucial cultural narrative and integrity.

Coastal Walkway timeline

  • 1997: planning for the Coastal Walkway started.
  • October 1999-December 2001: construction of 7km from Ngamotu Beach to Waiwhakaiho River.
  • 2003: Woolcombe Terrace cliffs strengthened and the lower path built to East End.
  • October 2006: pedestrian bridge and viewing platform from Liardet Street, New Plymouth opened.
  • 5 June 2010: Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and pathway to The Links subdivision accessway opened.
  • December 2010: pathway from The Links to Ellesmere Avenue, Bell Block opened.
  • December 2014: pathway from Ellesmere Avenue to Bell Block Beach opened.