Historic theatre lights take centre stage as Zero Waste inspiration

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Fancy lighting up your life with a piece of New Plymouth showbiz history?


The Junction Zero Waste Hub is putting the spotlight on upcycling chic with old industrial theatre lamps from the NPDC’s Bowl of Brooklands and TSB Showplace.


Each one has a bespoke tripod of reused rimu and has been rewired so it takes a five-watt LED bulb rather than the original one-kilowatt watt incandescent bulb.


“These theatre lights are exactly what The Junction is about, bringing fresh ideas to reuse and utilising our fantastic community to create a unique and desirable product. They’re safe for the home and sustainable,” says The Junction Resource Recovery Manager Doug Hopkins.


“This has been a fantastic collaboration with the proceeds contributing to the employment opportunities provided by WISE Charitable Trust at The Junction, as we continue to develop the project for our community.”


Two of the lights have already sold at The Junction and more are coming into the shop as they are converted.


Converting the lights was a team project involving WISE Charitable Trust and New Plymouth MenzShed with electrical support from NPE Tech and Laser Electrical.


“This initiative is a great example of how a little creativity and thought into reusing materials can go a long way towards our Zero Waste 2040 goal,” said NPDC Sustainability and Engagement Manager Amy Brasch.


“The switch to energy-efficient LED lighting at the showplace also highlights that our community is on the right track for creating a Sustainable Lifestyle Capital.”



  • The Junction Zero Waste Hub is a collaborative project of NPDC, WISE Charitable Trust and Sustainable Taranaki with WISE proudly supported by TOI Foundation.
  • Since it opened in January 2020 it has helped to divert over 550 tonnes of waste from landfill through re-use and recycling.

Caption: The Junction Resource Recovery Manager Doug Hopkins