Te Tai Pari tiakitanga

Te Tai Pari Trust

The New Plymouth District Council (Waitara Lands) Act 2018 came into force on 17 March 2019.

Six representatives have been chosen for a Board to oversee the Waitara Perpetual Community Fund, created as part of the Act. NPDC and TKTM each selected three board members and an alternate. Each member holds office for a term not exceeding three years.  The Board subsequently renamed itself Te Tai Pari Trust.

The Board members of Te Tai Pari Trust are:

  • Pauline Lockett - Chairperson for years 1 and 2 (NPDC)
  • Pat Bodger (TKTM)
  • Donna Eriwata (TKTM)
  • Mawhaturia White (TKTM)
  • Graham Armstrong (NPDC)
  • Darrel Nicholas (NPDC)
  • Marion James (NPDC) - Alternate Member

  • Rawiri Doorbar (TKTM) - Alternate Member


The purpose of the fund

The Fund is comprised of all accumulated and future income allocated to the Council from the Waitara Endowment Land.  The fund must be administered for the purpose of benefiting the Waitara community or any part of the Waitara community by the scheme of annual releases set out in the Act.