Zero Waste Station Bin Guide

With nearly 30 Zero Waste Stations around the district, you can now recycle and compost when you’re out and about.

Before using the bins please check before you choose. Simply match your item to images or words on the bins. If in doubt, check out the Bin Guide or place your items in the landfill bin.

If you notice that one of our Zero Waste Stations is full, has had household or other rubbish dumped near or beside it, or it needs attention, please contact us. 

Bin Guide

Find out where to put your waste when you’re out and about using our zero waste station guide.

Compostable Bin

Glass Bin

Recycling Bin

Landfill Bin

Bin Guide.


Doing your part to recycle reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the use of landfills and our need for raw materials.

Please only place these empty and clean recyclable items, with no lids in the recycling bin:

  • Newspaper, paper, magazines, clean paper bags.
  • Plastics 1, 2, and 5 – clean, no food.
  • Empty plastic bottles – lids removed.
  • Empty aluminium cans.


  • Please put only clean items in this bin. Items with food left on them should go in the landfill bin or compost bin (if in a compostable container).
  • If in doubt, always place your item in the landfill bin.
  • Please no soft plastics/wrappers – place in the landfill bin.




Doing your part to separate food scraps and commercially compostable containers, cups and cutlery from your landfill waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps make nutritious compost.

Items accepted in the compostable bin:

  • Food scraps including all cooked and uncooked food (fruit cores, skins, meat leftovers, bones, bread, leftover pasta, rice, other cooked foods, dairy products and paper tea bags).
  • Wooden/bamboo cutlery or chopsticks.
  • Paper bags, serviettes, tissues.
  • Compostable cups and lids.
  • Clear biocups (from smoothies, iced coffees).
  • Compostable containers, plates, bowls, pizza boxes.


  • All compostable takeaway cups and food packaging will be labelled with Commercially Compostable, Bio or PLA, and have no plastic lining.
  • If your food is served in a compostable takeaway container, you can throw in the entire thing. Just be sure to remove any plastic containers or plastic cutlery and put them in the landfill bin.


Glass Bottles.


Recycling glass bottles keeps this valuable resource out of landfills and allows them to be recycled over and over again. 

Items accepted in the glass bottles bin:

  • Clear, green and brown bottles with lids removed.


  • Empty bottles of all liquids.
  • Remove lids and place in the landfill bin.
  • Place any broken glass in the landfill bin.
  • Please no glass except unbroken bottles and jars. Place everything else in the landfill bin.




Doing your part to keep food scraps, compostable cups and containers, glass bottles, and clean recycling out of this landfill bin helps us on our journey to Zero Waste.

Items accepted in the landfill bin:

  • Takeaway food packaging.
  • Takeaway cups.
  • Plastic packaging such as chip, ice cream and chocolate bar wrappers.
  • All lids from plastic and glass bottles.
  • Pet waste (wrapped).
  • Plastics that are not 1, 2, or 5.
  • Any packaging that is non-compostable, including recycling that is soiled by food.
  • Broken glass.
  • Drink cartons (Tetra Pak).
  • Chewing gum.


  • If in doubt, always place your items in the landfill bin.
  • Please stubb out cigarettes well before placing in them in the landfill bin