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Your food scraps bin

Doing your bit to separate food scraps from your landfill waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps us make delicious compost for our soil.

Your food scraps bin is collected every week on your collection day. Check out our bin collection schedule if you're not sure of your day.

Make sure you position it where our drivers will see it, about 30cms from your wheelie bins. Please keep the weight of the contents below 10kg.

You can line your food scraps bin with newspaper, paper towels or cabbage leaves to help keep it clean.

Using your food scraps bin is an easy way to help the environment.

Food scraps bin


Feed me  Don't feed me 

Vegetable scraps, including peelings, stalks and skins

Any plastic bags and liners, including compostable bags

Fruit scraps, including peelings, cores, stalks and skins

Compostable coffee cups

Meat leftovers, bones and scraps, including fat trimmings

Compostable containers

Fish scraps and bones, and shellfish shells

Compostable packaging


Green waste

Pasta, rice and leftover cooked food

Tissues and bathroom paper towels (kitchen paper towels are ok), for hygiene reasons

Dairy products


Egg and egg shells


Coffee grounds, tea leaves and paper tea bags


Indoor cut flowers


Newspaper (for wrapping scraps or lining your bin)


Kitchen paper towels

How to keep your food scraps bin clean tile

Food scraps tip

Keep a small container, like an ice cream tub, bowl or pedal bin on your kitchen bench to collect scraps during the day. Then just do one trip to the bin when the container is full.

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