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Transfer stations

To dispose of larger items or for those who do not receive a weekly rubbish collection service, you can take your rubbish, recycling and green waste to your nearest transfer station.

Green waste

Transfer stations map

Public holiday opening hours

Please refer to the drop-down list for each transfer station's opening hours.

Where Mondayisation of a public holiday occurs, the rural transfer stations will be closed on both the actual and observed dates.  

Note - this does not apply to the New Plymouth Transfer Station, which is managed by Enviro NZ. Please check charges and opening hours with Enviro NZ on 06 758 7601 or visit their website


The charges below are for the NPDC-operated transfer stations at Waitara, Inglewood, Okato and Tongaporutu for the 2023/24 year. For charges at the New Plymouth Transfer Station, please contact the operator Enviro NZ on 06 758 7601.

Vehicle or load type


Green waste

60L or 15kg bag $10.50 per bag $4.50 per bag
Car boot or small hatchback $77.50 $26.50
Large hatchback, station wagon or small van $119.50 $32.00
Large van, ute or trailer up to 1m3 $143.65 $41.00
Large trailer or small truck (per m3) Not accepted $45.50 per m3
Truck over one tonne payload (per m3) Not accepted $45.50 per m3
Whiteware (other than fridges and freezers) $17.50 per item -
Fridges and freezers $33.00 per item -
Tyres (whole car tyres only - others not accepted) $11.00 per tyre -
Glass bottles/aluminium cans/paper/cardboard No charge -
Approved recycling No charge -


Please note that e-waste (such as TVs) is not accepted at transfer stations. All e-waste is to be taken to The Junction (charges may apply).

Can I get the charges waived? 

Contact us prior to taking your waste to the facility to see if you meet these criteria. 

  • The rubbish is collected from a public place by a charity or arises from a one-off cleanup of property owned or occupied by a charity. (This does not apply to the normal cleaning of public places by a charity, or situations where a charity tender for refuse disposal on a regular basis. This also does not apply to sports and other clubs or schools.) 
  • The rubbish arises as a consequence of fire or other natural disaster where there is no insurance or other funding to cover the costs.