Learn in person: Let's Compost workshops

For anyone keen to learn all about composting at a hands-on workshop, Sustainable Taranaki has you covered through Let’s Compost workshops.

Workshops usually occur monthly. At each workshop you will:  

  • Receive information and demonstrations about composting, including what and how to compost, and how easy it is to start turning organic waste into nutrients for your garden.
  • Learn about different composting systems, such as compost bins, worm farms, and bokashi.
  • Receive tips and ideas for making a DIY system.
  • Receive a discount of $40 off a composting system.

The workshops are organised and hosted at local schools, community gardens, crop swaps, or individuals' home gardens. Sustainable Taranaki is always on the lookout for more hosts.

For more information on upcoming workshops or to get in touch with the Let’s Compost team please visit Let’s Compost - Sustainable Taranaki.