Apply for the Zero Waste Fund

New Plymouth District Council’s Zero Waste Fund can help fund your project.

Funding is available for a wide range of projects and ideas to help reduce waste including:

  • Projects that aim to teach or encourage people to reduce waste in their daily lives or for a specific group of people.
  • Building or buying equipment that helps keeps waste from going to the landfill, such as systems for recycling, reusing, or composting waste.
  • Projects that study current waste amounts, types of waste, and incentives for reducing waste in order to improve waste reduction, recycling, and waste material recovery.
  • Creating programmes that promote product stewardship (where the producer of the product ensures the item can be recycled at the end of its life) or other circular economy solutions that support waste minimisation.
  • Any other initiatives that align with the goals and priorities of the New Plymouth District Council and the NPDC Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

Keen to do something but can’t think of a specific project idea? We can help with that. Or do you have questions about your idea or the application process? We encourage you to reach out to us at any time of the year by emailing the Sustainability and Behaviour Change Team. 

Find out more about the NPDC Zero Waste Fund

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