Waste minimisation out and about

There are many ways to reduce waste when you are out and about in New Plymouth District. More and more local cafes and food businesses are making it easy to switch to reusable coffee cups and containers! Plus there are 30 zero waste stations strategically placed in our busiest locations allowing you to recycle and compost on the go.

Bring It reusable cups and containers

Local cafes and food businesses are making it easy for you to make the switch to reusable coffee cups and food containers.

Single-use coffee cups and dirty plastic containers aren’t recyclable, and compostable cups and containers need to go to a commercial composting facility to break down. Millions of coffee cups, lids and food containers sadly go to landfill in our region each year after a single use. 

The best choice is to bring your own clean reusable cup and container whenever you order takeaway food or drinks. If you forget, sit in to eat and drink in reusable crockery, or borrow an Again Again or other reusable cup from participating cafes.

Make your takeaways waste-free with these easy reusable options for food and coffee at these local food businesses:

Bring your own clean reusable food container

Bring your own reusable cup and get a discount

Borrow an Again Again reusable cup

Food businesses: how to get involved


Zero Waste Stations

Our zero waste stations make recycling and composting when you’re out and about possible.

Before using the bins please check before you choose. Simply match your item to images or words on the bins. If in doubt, place your items in the landfill bin. 

By carefully placing your items in the correct bin, you ensure that they can be recycled and composted, and won’t go to landfill.

To learn more on what can go in which bin, refer to our Zero Waste Station Bin Guide for full information.

Zero Waste Station Bin Guide