Riding in New Plymouth

Route selection

To provide an enjoyable biking experience and a safe ride take the time to select a suitable route. Plan ahead so you can be confident you are taking the best route for your riding ability. A good route is usually one with lower risks, less traffic, slower speeds, and fewer parked cars. Try to stick to off-road paths and local roads, avoiding state highways and busy arterials.

Where to ride/bike?

Check out the excellent off-road paths New Plymouth has to offer for recreational and riding for travel here. 

Riding and walking

Riding on our roads and paths

Riding on our roads

Signalised Intersections: To trigger signals at our signalised intersections place yourself in the centre of the lane about 0.5 metre back from the front white line.

At the intersection of Liardet Street and St Aubyn Street heading towards the sea you will see an advanced cycle phase. If you are turning right from Liardet Street or going straight ahead onto the coastal walkway, position yourself in the green cycle lane and follow the cycle only or traffic signals.  If you are heading from the coastal walkway up Liardet Street, pull to the left-hand side of the intersection. Push the button and wait for you cycle only phase. 

Sharrows: On some of our roads you will see a ‘sharrow’ marking. This means a shared traffic lane environment for people on bikes and motorists. Cyclists may occupy the traffic lane when it is safe and appropriate to do so. Find out more about sharrow markings

Know how to ride near heavy vehicles - find out more here.

Waka Kotahi's Code for cycling

Riding on Shared paths

Shared paths are paths for all users. This means people walking, dogs on leads, small children, older people, and people scootering, skating and bike riding are all welcome.

New Plymouth has many designated shared paths, such as the Coastal Walkway, river paths, and some of our footpaths, especially near schools.

Shared paths are identified by signage:

Share with care - keep left. Shared path sign.

When using shared paths, we all need to look out for each other and be courteous. We ask riders to:

  • Ride to the conditions
  • Keep left
  • When approaching people walking – slow down, ring your bell or call out politely and give plenty of space (try and avoid the whoosh factor so you don’t startle pedestrians who may not have heard you).

Where not to ride

Pukekura Park – our iconic garden is a no riding zone.

Lock up your bike at the entrance and enjoy a walk through the gardens.

Pukekura Park