Ngā pātai auau


The answers to our most frequently asked questions about our programmes are listed here. If you have any questions that we haven't answered, please call us on 06 759 6060 or email us at

What class do I enrol in? 

All new enrolments (5+ years) including adult lessons require an assessment, this is a free service. Assessments ensure swimmers are enrolled into the correct class for their abilities. Assessments must be booked in advance.  

Will you re-enrol us automatically for the following term?

No. Our swim school does not operate on a roll over system, therefore it is up to you to re-enrol yourself.


When do bookings open?

Bookings open on the last week of each swim term.

Do my children get to use the deep end of the pool?

Yes! Our swimmers have the advantage of using the deep end of the pool to practice diving and water safety skills.

How deep is the pool?

  • Baby and toddler lessons are held in a pool depth of 1.2 metres.
  • Preschool, Advanced preschool, Confidence and Beginner lessons are held in a pool depth of 0.4-0.8 metres.
  • Advanced Beginners up to Development Squad is held in a pool depth of 1.2 metres.

Can my children use the pool before or after their lesson?

Swimmers are able to use the pool before and after their lesson to practice their new skills - or just have a splash!

Can I choose my teacher?

While we try our best to get the teacher you prefer, we do not guarantee it.  

Do you sell caps and goggles?

Our Toa Kaukau swim shop sells swim wear for all ages as well as swim accessories such as caps and goggles and much more.

Do my children need to wear caps and goggles?

  • Short answer: yes! But not all.
  • All swimmers aged three years and over must wear swim caps. 
  • All stroking classes from Beginners to Development Squad must wear goggles.
  • We do not encourage the use of goggles outside of swimming lessons while recreationally playing. It is important swimmers are competent in the water both with goggles and without.