Natural Fertiliser

Bioboost® is a fertiliser rich in organic matter and suitable for general garden use.

Why use Bioboost®?

  • Suitable for trees, shrubs, lawns, bedding, plants, flowers, vegetables, and general garden use.
  • Slow, long-lasting release of nitrogen. Releases nitrogen and other nutrients and minerals over 12-16 week period.
  • Contains macro and micro nutrients needed for healthy plant growth.
  • Excellent for use on sandy soils and for promoting healthy microbial activity. Bioboost contains up to 70% organic matter.
  • Promotes uniform growth and well-established root systems.
  • Weed and pathogen free. Bioboost is heated to greater than 80˚C without affecting the nutrient value.
  • Will not burn your plants (not a chemical salt-based fertiliser).

  • Dry granular pellets. Easy to apply and works well in a spreader.
  • Environmentally friendly. Bioboost recycles biosolids and nutrients back to the soil. Plant availability of nitrogen is increased and leaching is reduced through mineralisation.
  • Bioboost doesn't need to be watered in like synthetically made fertilisers, although watering will speed up the process of releasing nutrients into your lawn. Will activate at first rain.
  • The iron in Bioboost greens your lawn without staining. Grass needs iron for the long-lasting, deep vibrant green lawn you want. Bioboost delivers organically complex iron throughout the feeding period and won't stain concrete, unlike iron salts in some synthetic fertilisers.

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