We’re proud of Bioboost®’s achievements.

  • Bioboost® awards KPMG Supreme Innovation Award in 2001.

  • KPMG Local Government Innovation Award 2001.

  • Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Awards 2001.

  • New Zealand Post Overall Winner for Management of Excellence Award 2002.

  • New Zealand Post Category Winner for Process Management 2002.

Commenting on the result of 2-3 years application on fragile volcanic soils or in some areas raw pumice:

The advantage of the Bioboost® on this soil type is that it is the only product that we have been able to sustain a fertiliser that slowly releases the nutrient on these low CEC soil types plus, due to the age old problem of phosphate retention, this product allows a slow constant release which enables the plants to establish allowing the bare ground area to cover thereby prevents further erosion of the light pumice and plant cover then reduces the heat reaching the pumice and as shown allows organic build up to sustain cover all year.

It's a great product for these young light soils.

Nigel Lloyd, Course Superintendent Wairakei International Golf Club, Taupo

We have been using Bioboost® in the gardens at Pukeiti for the last eight years, on both the lawns and garden beds, and have found the results to be beyond expectation. The low NPK rating and mode of action makes this organic fertiliser ideal in all garden situations.

Our experience has seen Bioboost® acting more as a soil conditioner than a true fertiliser, with its slow acting nature producing long term effects. With the grass paths and lawns the results aren’t as obvious above ground, but the root growth and healthy thickening of the sward is aiding in the recovery of our grass paths.

In the garden beds the same is apparent. Better root growth all round, especially within the perennial borders.

Pukeiti is pleased to use and promote Bioboost®.

Andrew Brooker, Curator Pukeiti, Taranaki

For more information and studies done on a similar product please visit Milorganite. Milorganite is an American equivalent to Bioboost.