How to use Bioboost®

Recommended application rates and directions for use. Use only as recommended.

Established lawns

Ideal for established lawns, use three times per year in Spring, Summer and Autumn at 5kg per 100m² - there's no need to water it in.

New lawns

For seed bed or ready lawn. Mix Bioboost into the top 50mm of soil at 13kg for 100m² before seeding or laying the turf. After the third mowing apply 7kg per 100m² and you'll have great looking lawn.

Tips for lawn care and pruning tips


In late Winter or early Spring apply 100g per rose, then repeat four to six weeks later for optimal plant health.


In Spring apply 1.3kg per 10m² to your annuals, then in Summer apply 800g per 10m² to promote healthy growth.


In Spring and Summer apply 2kg per 10m² to maintain great looking and long lasting growth.

Trees and shrubs

Bioboost is great for fruit trees as it encourages good strong growth without interfering with flowering and fruiting. Apply 150-200g within the feeder root zone (depending on the size and nutrient requirements of the plant) and work into the top 20-30mm of the surface zone.

For ground work or bed preparation incorporate Bioboost to a depth of 10cm at 250g - 300g per square metre. Potassium, calcium and magnesium should be added where soil levels of these nutrients are low.

Vegetable gardens

Perfect for vegetable gardens. Prior to planting work 200g of Bioboost per square metre into the top 50-100mm of soil. Then side dress with a supplementary NPK fertiliser two to three weeks later for a great vege crop.


Bioboost fertiliser should only be applied in accordance with good fertiliser application practice such as described in the 'Code of Practice for Nutrient Management (with emphasis on Fertiliser Use)' as published by the Fertiliser Association. Specifically:

  1. The maximum recommended application rate is 200kgN/Ha/year;
  2. The soil pH should not be less than 5.5; and
  3. Bioboost should not be applied within 20m of waterways or onto land where there is a likelihood of it entering water.
Fruit and vegetables.

Industry and regulatory requirements

Users should check industry and regulatory requirements before using.

Bioboost Fertiliser User Guide for Bulk Customers

Precautions to take when using Bioboost


Bioboost will store safely for long period provided it is kept dry in a well-ventilated location. For small quantities store in a closed container or bag in a dry location.


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Observe good hygiene practises and wash hands after use.
  • Minimise dust generation when handling and avoid inhaling the dust (wear a dust mask if necessary).
  • Keep storage areas free of dust and remove any potential sources of ignition.

See our Safety Data Sheet below for health and safety information.

Bioboost Safety Data Sheet