Local cafes with Again Again cups

Sometimes remembering to bring your own cup is hard, or you need a spontaneous coffee when you’re on the go. Luckily, local cafes are making it easy for you to still be able to get your fix without the waste.

Head to one of the cafes below to borrow an Again Again cup.

  • Pay a one-off bond of $3 for a stainless steel cup and lid, or $2.50 for just a cup.  
  • Take the cup away and enjoy a waste-free coffee on the go.
  • Next time you’re after a coffee, bring back the cup to any cafe using Again Again and swap it for a free fresh cup, and just pay for the coffee. (No need to wash the cup, just make sure it’s empty of liquid and not mouldy.)
  • You can take off the paper heat sleeve which protects your hand from the heat of the coffee, and reuse it on your new clean cup. Or recycle or compost it when you get it home or back to work.
  • If you don’t bring back your Again Again cup that time, just pay another $3 to borrow another cup. You can take back a stack of up to 12 cups to any Again Again cafe locally or across New Zealand at any point, and get a refund of $3 per cup. 
  • Just like they do with crockery when you drink in, the cafe that takes back your cups and lids will clean them in their commercial dishwasher. Again Again cups are then ready for reuse for the next customer. 
  • Convenient, guilt free, and cost neutral. Give it a try, and get into the easy Again Again habit! 

Learn more about how the scheme works on the Again Again website.

Again again cup
Name Address
Bleached 109 Devon Street West, New Plymouth
Chaos Cafe 36 Brougham Street, New Plymouth
Elixir Cafe 117 Devon Street East, New Plymouth
Escape Coffee 15 Liardet Street, New Plymouth
Ozone 47 King Street, New Plymouth
Pekaren 25 Bell Block Court, Bell Block
Teahouse on the Lake  Pukekura Park, New Plymouth