Waste management out and about

Local cafes and food businesses are making it easy for you to make the switch to reusable coffee cups and food containers.

Thanks to our many great local cafes, we’re able to fuel up on some of the best food and coffee in the world here in Taranaki.  

But single-use coffee cups and dirty plastic containers aren’t recyclable, and compostable cups and containers need to go to a commercial composting facility to break down. An estimated three million coffee cups and lids sadly go to landfill in our region each year after a single use, along with a growing number of food containers.  The best choice is to bring your own clean reusable cup and container whenever you order takeaway food or coffee. If you forget, just borrow a reusable cup or container in-store, or sit in to eat and drink.  

Local cafes and takeaway shops are making waste-free takeaways easy, by offering these great choices for takeaway food and coffee.

Bring your own clean takeaway food container

Borrow an Again Again takeaway cup

Bring your own clean takeaway cup

Bring It! Poster

Bring your own clean takeaway food container

Many cafes, eateries, sushi shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bulk food stores in New Plymouth are encouraging you to bring your own clean container for takeaway food and shopping. Some are even providing a discount when you bring a container, so it pays to get in the habit!

Local businesses who encourage and discount BYO containers

Borrow an Again Again takeaway cup

At participating cafes, for a one-off bond of $3, you can take away a stainless steel cup and lid. Next time, bring the used cup back to any participating cafe and swap it for a free fresh cup, paying only for your coffee

Local cafes with Again Again cups

Bring your own clean takeaway cup

Bring your own clean cup to one of many local cafes and be rewarded for your great Bring It habit. Head along to these cafes to receive a discount of between 20 cents and $1. 

Local cafes who discount coffee when you Bring It!

Food businesses: How to get involved

Are you a café or food business keen to offer a discount when customers bring their own cup or container, or happy to accept BYO food containers? Help your customers enjoy your great coffee and food without the waste by joining the Bring It campaign.

Get in touch to jump on board