Tūtaki mai ki ngā Kaitono

Meet your candidates

Candidates are taking a stand across all wards and community boards for New Plymouth District Council in this year’s local body election. Nominations closed at midday on Friday 12 August and the candidates are as follows. Further information on candidates will be available in late August.

Mayor Map


Eight people are running for the mayoral position. They are:

  • Sam Bennett
  • Murray Chong
  • Shaun Clare
  • Peter Hardgrave
  • Neil Holdom
  • Greg MacKay
  • Muzz McDowell
  • Dinnie Moeahu

Sam Bennett, Shaun Clare, Greg MacKay and Dinnie Moeahu are also candidates for a New Plymouth City Wide councillor position, and Murray Chong is a candidate for a Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward councillor position.

Councillors at-large map

Councillors at-large

(across the whole district)

19 people are running for five Councillors at-large positions. They are:

  • Rod Ardern
  • Sam Bennett
  • Max Brough
  • Jenna  Brown
  • Shaun Clare
  • Amanda Clinton-Gohdes
  • Harry Duynhoven
  • Dayna Jury
  • Joanne Kuvarji
  • Greg MacKay
  • Jonathan Marshall
  • Caro McKee
  • Dinnie Moeahu
  • Murray Seamark
  • Hepa Te Moana
  • Dan Thurston Crow
  • Udo Vink
  • Tane Webster
  • Tayla Willetts

Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward

(New Plymouth city to Ōkato)​

17 people are running for six councillor positions in Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward. They are:

  • Chris Avery
  • Gordon Brown
  • David Bublitz
  • Anneka Joyce Carlson
  • Graham Chard
  • Murray Chong
  • Bali Haque
  • Kevyn Harris
  • Monica Hylton
  • Dave Kurth
  • Chris Lee
  • Craig Nielsen
  • Michael O'Sullivan
  • David Ross Payne
  • Ivan Pihama
  • Sewak Singh
  • Bryan Vickery
Maori Ward Map

Te Purutanga Mauri Pūmanawa

(Māori Ward)

Two people are running for one councillor position in Te Purutanga Mauri Pūmanawa (Māori ward)​. They are:

  • Maia Hoengarangi Bailey
  • Te Waka McLeod

Kōhanga Moa General Ward

(Inglewood and surrounding area)

One person is running for one councillor  position in Kōhanga Moa ward. They are:

  • Marie Pearce

(Elected unopposed)

North General Ward

(Waitara up to Waitomo District Council border)​

Two people are running for one councillor  position in North General Ward. They are:

  • Tony Gavin Bedford
  • Bill Simpson
Clifton Community Boards Map

Clifton Community Board

(Tikorangi, Urenui, Ōnaero, Tongaporutu)

Four people are running for four Clifton Community Board positions. They are:

  • Waitaoro Alexandra Batley
  • Neville Hagenson
  • Tyla Nickson
  • Murray Seamark

(Elected unopposed)

Inglewood Community Board Map

Inglewood Community Board

(Inglewood, Egmont Village, Tarata)

Six people are running for four Inglewood Community Board positions. They are:

  • Jono Burrows
  • Christine Fabish
  • Nathan Ferry
  • Rex Healy
  • Nick Jones
  • Sarah Lucas
Kaitake Community Board Map

Kaitake Community Board

(Ōākura, Ōmata, Ōkato)​

Six people are running for four Kaitake Community Board positions. They are:

  • Graham Chard
  • Teresa Goodin
  • Renee Hohaia
  • Elayne Kessler
  • Dave Kurth
  • Paul Lobb
Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board Map

Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board

Five people are running for four Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board positions. They are:

  • Michel Baker
  • Grant Knuckey
  • Sewak Singh
  • Adrian Edward Sole
  • Tane Webster
Waitara Community Board Map

Waitara Community Board

(Waitara, Brixton, Lepperton)​

Seven people are running for four Waitara Community Board positions. They are:

  • Kura Denness
  • Trevor Dodunski
  • Dayna Jury
  • Jonathan Marshall
  • Pairo McLeod
  • Jane Parker-Bishop
  • Joe Rauner

Candidate profiles and photos (where supplied) will be available on this page from late August.

Candidates are being asked a set of questions on their election platform, such as rates rise, Three Waters, climate change, and what their top priority would be if they were elected to Council. 

Voting packs will start to arrive in the post between Friday 16 September 2022 and Wednesday 21 September 2022 (unless you need to cast a special vote).

Notice of Elections and Candidates