Tane Webster

My principal place of residence is not in the Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board area. I am also standing for the New Plymouth City Wide.

My name is Tane Webster and I am standing for the roles of New Plymouth District Councillor and Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board member. If successful in both campaigns, I will take the position of Councillor as required by the election regulations.

I have spent the last year of my life working as a community advocate at the grassroots level in New Plymouth and around New Zealand. I have organized community projects, rallies, made deputations and have a track record of standing up for those being ignored. One clear trend we can see in New Zealand is centralization. We need voices for our community, not voices for Wellington in our community. Being 29 years old, I will be a fresh voice for the community board. My Webster ancestors arrived in New Plymouth in 1841 and successive generations have contributed to this city. I plan to continue doing just that.

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