Grant Knuckey

My principal place of residence is in the Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board area.

I have lived in Bell Block for many years, along with my wife Judy and sons Jared and Blair. I have been involved in a number of projects in the community, including the development of the Bell Block bypass and the extension of the walkway to Bell Block, by providing cultural advice. I served on the Taranaki District Health Board and have been on Māori Liaison Committees of the New Plymouth District Council.

I have extensive experience in making submissions to parliamentary bills and local body town plans, and have attended many council meetings.

My work experience includes education and training with young people, and managing a medical centre for low income families.

My focus would be on working together in an inclusive way to continue to develop and strengthen our vibrant community by caring for our environment and each other, to ensure the health and safety for all.

Q & A