Shaun Clare

Shaun Clare

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth District Council area.

I am also standing for the District-Wide Councillor.

I get told often that you can't change things within the council. 'They will continue to act like they do', they say. Well, my mother always tells me I can do whatever I put my mind too. So here I am.

I want to change the mindset of this council, teach them how to listen, teach them this is not their money they are playing with. This is people's livelihoods.

I ask myself, 'how do I put more power into the community, how do I protect the less fortunate, help the pensioners, and also help the community get the things needed'.
It's simple.

The wants of the community we will be raised utilising the facilities and staff we have, not forced upon them. The public will have an option of what they put their hard earned money towards, and we will assist them.

I would cap pensioners rates without discrimination.

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