Peter Hardgrave

Peter Hardgrave

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth District Council area.

I'm married with Adult Children. I'm Taranaki born, Taranaki proud and really care about our city. I have been a volunteer on the Board of Trustees for the YMCA for 4 years, because of my passion for people in our community.

My wife and I have owned and worked in local New Plymouth businesses for the past 22 years. Over the last 2 years we have experienced the biggest challenges we have ever faced in business.

I'm totally opposed against 3 waters and the installation of water meters in our city as I see this as another form of Control. This will also make life more unaffordable for many ratepayers who already find themselves struggling to already make ends meet. Infrastructure is also a major priority which must be addressed.

It is time to listen to the people (we the people). I am that voice for the people. 

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