Greg Mackay

Greg Mackay

My principal place of residence is in the New Plymouth District Council area.

I am also standing for the District Wide Councillor.

My name is Greg Mackay. I am Taranaki born and bred and, as a concerned citizen, I am offering my Services, once more as both Mayor and Councillor for the district.

I'm an engineer by trade and also have experience as a business owner, operator and manager in several areas.

It is time for our council to revert to full support for our core services and to reduce overall costs consistent with providing top quality basic services for us, the citizens of our region.

There are several major issues facing us at this election. One I would mention is that I do not support the so called 'Three Waters' plan and believe that council retain ownership, and management, of our own regional infrastructure and assets.

I hope that you will support me in my efforts and look forward to working for you with honesty, integrity and accountability.

Greg Mackay.

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