Ivan Pihama

My principal place of residence is in the Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward area.

I'm standing in the hope of bringing unity to New Plymouth's diverse communities in an increasingly unstable world. Waitara-born and educated at Francis Douglas College, I serve on the Devon Intermediate School Board of Trustees for the past 18 months.

I advocate for those who sometimes don't have a voice: our seniors, youth and homeless. Better access to housing and employment with improve quality of life for everyone, and Council can play a much stronger role in these areas than they currently do.

I disagree with vaccine mandates. The right to consent to medical treatment is a basic human right, likewise I oppose Three Waters. It's an attack on local democratic control and will likely lead to privatization and massive price increases as seen overseas.

Support Ivan Pihama for a democratic voice on New Plymouth District Council

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