Graham Chard

My principal place of residence is in the Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward area. I am also standing for the Kaitake Community Board.

I've spent much of my life filling leadership roles in the service of others, whether that be; Queen and Country in the NZ Defence Force, pupils, parents and staff as School Boards of Trustees Chair, the Military Veteran Community as NPRSA President, customers and staff of businesses I have owned and operated, or, local residents as the Kaitake Community Board Chair.

I approach everything I do from a values and principles based perspective, being a mission/outcome/results focused individual - one of the reasons for my successes in most of what I do.

I consider it's now time to do more for my district, and stand for the New Plymouth District Council.

If you want a Councillor with proven leadership abilities, who lives the values of service, commitment and integrity, who is a strategic analytical thinker, and who cares deeply for their district, and their communities; Vote Graham Chard for Council.

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