Craig Nielsen

My principal place of residence is in the Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward area.

I'm proudly New Plymouth born & raised, with a passion for our community, in particular, Taranaki - New Plymouth, Ngāmotu to be precise, the best city in the country.

Throughout my life I've experienced many aspects of community through work commitments, even coordination, fundraising & the charitable sector engaging with people and groups through empathetic leadership. I possess sound business management experience, am financially aware with governance experience in education and community roles.

I authentically believe the majority of challenges, including the drive for better outcomes for our diverse community and its needs, can be realised through sound discussion, reasoned thinking and I see resilience and big picture thinking as keys to making these things happen.

Through passion, knowledge and connection I will do my bit to help ensure we uphold our lifestyle capital title and that it is accessible to all ages and abilities.

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Craig Nielsen

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