Anneka Joyce Carlson

My principal place of residence is in the Kaitake-Ngāmotu General Ward area.

It has been a privilege to have represented my community for the past three years. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning how local government works and how I can add value to it. I have been outspoken about a range of topics whilst representing various cohorts of our community.

We will never please everyone with the decisions Council make or the opinions presented, however I have shown that I will not be intimidated to back down or roll over with the majority, for what I believe the community I represent want.

I am not affiliated to any political party. I am passionate about more diversity within local government, being a voice for my community with a future focus always. I believe I have added a different perspective to the council table for the better - diversity of thought is always a good thing when it comes to decision making.

Q & A