Nathan Ferry

My principal place of residence is in the Inglewood Community Board area.

I've lived in the Inglewood area for 18 years. I'm passionate about Inglewood continuing to be a better place for all.

I'm a Trustee on the Board that runs the Mamaku Centre. Over the last few years I have been helping in the provision of local food parcels. More recently I have been involved in setting up a Trust for a local Community Services Hub.

This community needs a continued strong voice in its governance and future direction. The Community Board must continue passionate advocacy of local people, groups, businesses and organisations. It is vital to understand local issues, interests and ideas - and to represent these effectively to Council.

I aim to see the Inglewood District continuing to flourish - there are many creative ideas and solutions to be found within this community. It would be a privilege to continue the great work the Community Board has already achieved.

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